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"If you blame others for your failures, do you also credit them with your success?"                   -Author Unknown



"When you're going through hell, keep going." -Winston Churchill



"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure."                   -Sven Goran Eriksson

Property Division
Spousal Support 
Why choose Mediation?  Mediation helps people to resolve their disputes in a peaceful, productive and empowering way that heals divisions and strengthens families.  It is fair, cost effective and results in much healthier outcomes for children and parents alike.  You retain control over the major decisions in your lives as opposed to having the court or attorneys make these decisions for you. 
What is the Time Line for the divorce?  The timing of your divorce depends on many factors:  the desire and pace of the divorcing couple, the details surrounding the marital home and current living situation, etc.  This process is truly under the control of the divorcing couple.  Once agreements have been made and the Separation Agreement and other court papers filed, it will take the court 3-6 weeks to grant you a court date.  The divorce  becomes final four months from when you go to court. 
How does mediation achieve healthy outcomes for children?  The biggest predictor in how children will fare after the divorce process is how well parents are able to function as a parental team.  Divorce & Family Mediation Services helps educate couples about the needs of children of divorce, talks specifically about the unique needs of your child/ren and helps the divorcing couple to come up with a viable, healthy custody and parenting agreement.  Facilitating on-going communication is vital to the success of life-long co-parenting.
What is the Cost of the mediation?  Mediation is a very cost effective way to go through the divorce procedure.  There is no retainer for the mediation.  Time spent with you in mediation or writing the separation agreement on your behalf is billed at an hourly rate which is lower than the rates of most lawyers.  For those who qualify, there is a sliding-fee scale to ensure that everyone has access to these services. 
Will I need a lawyer?  During the mediation process, you will be provided with information regarding Massachusetts divorce law, receive a packet of court documents, as well as have a separation agreement drafted once agreements have been reached.  You do not need a lawyer to get a divorce.  It is, however, strongly recommended that each person see an attorney once to discuss their individual rights and to review the separation agreement. 
What type of lawyer should I use?  Divorce & Family Mediation Services recommends consulting with Collaborative Attorneys.  Collaborative attorneys are attorneys specifically trained in collaborative law. These attorneys agree to use a cooperative, problem solving approach to settlement and work side by side with the mediation process.  During our first meeting we can discuss your particular situation and a list of collaborative attorneys will be provided.   
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