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"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."
-Elizabeth Stone
"The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his or her time each day."
-Orlando A. Battista

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Property Division
Spousal Support 
Those with children wish for their children to survive the divorce process as intact as possible. Custody (both legal, i.e. who makes the major life decisions, and physical, i.e. with whom the child/ren resides) and parent related issues are truly the most heart-felt aspects of the divorce and can bring up the most intense feelings.  Addressing the feelings and concerns of parents through this process can help clarify potential solutions with minimal destructive impact of the divorce process.  Also, when appropriate, the integration of the child's voice (i.e. concerns/needs) can often facilitate a healthier parenting agreement.

Divorce & Family Mediation Services offers individuals support and expert guidance regarding the emotional and physical needs of children through the divorce process. Detailed information is given regarding
                -Providing information to parents about the impact of divorce on children
           -Coaching parents on talking to their child/ren about divorce (in
             developmentally appropriate language)
           -Assisting children in their toddler years through adolescence with expressing
              their concerns and feelings regarding the divorce
           -Assessing specific needs and potential risks to children while addressing
              parents' questions and concerns.
Ultimately, the parents together will develop a healthy Custody and Parenting Plan.  For parents, this is often the most vital part of the separation agreement. 
Services for Children
Sometimes parents will wish for their child/ren to speak to someone regarding how the children are coping with the divorce.  Though parents, by far, are the best resource for children, at times it can be helpful for a professional to talk with a child about his or her feelings surrounding the divorce.  If parents wish, Divorce & Family Mediation Services can offer the opportunity for children to have their own neutral, therapeutic environment in which to talk about their thoughts, fears and hopes, etc. 

Child Custody, Support and Parenting Plans
Children &
Parenting Services
Post Divorce & Separation Services
Family Mediation & Reconciliation